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Mystics in the Matrix

Amber Samaya

This is a podcast with humble roots in my experience with circle-based communities, committed to sharing our wisdom traditions, cultural richness, ancestral teachings, and hard-won personal insights in the service of co-making a beautiful world. The intention within my heart as host is to curate a welcoming and sensual space that brings ease to the nervous system, as well as the heart/brain activation that sparks creativity, openness, and receptivity. This podcast is an etheric meeting place for those free-lancing ‘mystics’ of our current cultural, technological, and mycelial matrix. The highly sensitive, the deeply insightful, those ‘taken up’ on the wings of imagination, attuned to the subtle music of the earth, open to brushing up against other bodies, beings, ideas, and lifeways with curiosity rather than fear. Those whose hearts live in stubborn refusal to harden, choosing to remain soft and permeable, and in service to the Sacred aspects of Life. Those who delight in the path of wisdom, embrace multiple ways of knowing, accept what is not known with humble uncertainty, and practice the subtle art of spell-breaking in a spellbound world. The conversations herein are walkabouts in the woods, lanterns in hand, in which we explore what interconnects us, what separates us, the structures in our world that harm and those that heal, and the beautiful, good things that make life bearable, incredible, magical. These conversations live outside of the halls of academia, they hold paradox rather than polarization, they espouse curiosity with one another and with life, and recognize the folly of metanarratives. May hearts, brains, and bodies ‘light up’ around this charitable fire. I invite you into spaciousness, fellowship, care-fullness. There is room at this table for you, the candles are lit, and a lending library is open.